Hey you guys, it’s been a while. I still want to call it a comeback. PixelDrunks is making its way back to the interwebs after a lengthy break. (A break, he calls it.) Okay, more like a long hiatus that took a little too long while I took on working multiple jobs and a few other issues.  A number of things have changed for myself recently. So, I decided to make a quick redesign (nothing major) and bring the site back. This finally allowed me a little more time to put into the website, comic, and a number of other projects that I’ve put off for a long time.

Especially the comic! I’m very happy to get back into the story of these characters. Baron and Kurtis will be back with a few changes. I couldn’t help it to think of trying some new ideas out to mix things up. I really would like to make character re-designs and definitely add even more characters into the mix. That will take some time, but I hope to get to it asap. Moving on to the blog, that won’t be such a big issue now that the focus isn’t aimed completely at the blog. There will be updates to the blog with a separate news section that focuses on games, movies, comics, and other things we find.