The Site

PixelDrunks is a blog and webcomic that hopes to keep other gamers out there a little informed, but mostly entertained. The site mainly focuses on video games and other electronic goodness in this wild digital era, but may tap into other areas of similar interest. We are passionate about our hobbies and interests. This is the stuff that is stuck in our minds all day or what we can’t stop talking about. We bring you our experiences and knowledge first hand, gamer to gamer, cinephile to cinephile. So, check us out. Give us your opinions and we will let you in on our thoughts. PixelDrunks, always a great hangover, no matter what.




The Comic

Here’s where the name, PixelDrunks, really gets its origin. Based around the lives of two long-time friends with the common interest of  video games, PixelDrunks follows these two as they meet old friends, make new ones, fight against wild gaming addictions and talking… pandas? The lives of Baron and Kurtis may seem average, but tend to lean on the unusual as far as Kurtis is concerned.