So recently I decided to pick up The Walking Dead: Season 1 and 2 from Steam because they where a combined total of 14 bucks. It might have been the best $14 I have spent in a while. I am not new to Telltale games, having recently played The Wolf Among Us but this game was something special. I’ve tried to play it on my iPad before but never made it past the 3rd chapter and to be fair it kind of seemed like the normal song and dance, but soon after this play through it got interesting.

The game took a radical change when I started losing characters I didn’t even realize I cared about and at the same time finding new ones here and there that grew on me. I loved the story in The Wolf Among Us, but that was based on fairy tales. This was much more real to me. I grew to love the protagonist Lee Everett for who he was, and by that I really mean who I made him to be. It was all fully in my control.

By the time I finished the first season, I sort of had to hold back tears, something I usually only experience with a film. There were also a lot of squeamish times that I had even with the game using a sort of cell shading look. The sounds and execution were just that superb. It was a roller coaster of a ride and something I hope people go and try. Stuff like this is the future of the medium. I can definitely say that I felt more emotion playing Season 1 than I have so far on the show and that truly says something. Can’t wait to start Season 2.