Pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk takes the Hendo Hoverboard for a test ride in a new video on The RIDE Channel. As a means to show off this new hover technology, the minds over at Hendo chose the obvious first step in creating a hoverboard. They of course bring up the Funny-or-Die video prank advertising the HUVr board styled after the board Michael J. Fox rode in Back to the Future 2. Hawk can be seen riding the world’s first real hoverboard on a small half-pipe with a copper surface designed for the the hover tech. It’s fun to watch Tony Hawk try it out for the first time and falling off like any of us would. Later in the video he seems like he’s got a much better grasp of how to control the board. Check out the video after the break.




The Hendo Hoverboard is all a part of Hendo’s Kickstarter campaign to help fund future steps in development and spread the technology to other developers. They have already passed their original goal and still have 26 more days to go. With this technology under development, I believe we’re on our way to having our own hoverboards like Marty McFly. 2015 is around the corner in case anyone forgot.


Source [Laughing Squid]